This is so simple, it is almost ridiculous to post as a recipe but it is so good and healthy I can't resist.

For years, eggs and avocados have often been criticized for high cholesterol (eggs) and high fat (avocado); however, they are two foods that have amazing health benefits and should be incorporated in your diet.

Eggs contain a variety of substances that promote good health. Choline, a nutrient that is critical to brain function, is one example. Eggs are one of the richest food sources of choline. Eggs are also being studied because they contain lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that may keep eyes healthy and ward off the leading cause of blindness, macular degeneration.

The Journal of Nutrition suggests that we look at the egg as a whole package: Eggs are inexpensive, contain the highest-quality protein on the planet and are loaded with small amounts of vital nutrients, including: folate, riboflavin, selenium, B12, and choline. At 75 calories apiece, eggs are also a nutrient-dense food that makes a smart and low-calorie contribution to any menu. (Callahan "5 Foods That Should Have a Place in Your Diet"

Make sure that you always eat pastured organic eggs. Organic eggs are higher in vital nutrients when compared to non-organic eggs. Non-organic eggs are produced from chickens that are exposed to inhumane conditions, therefore pumped full of antibiotics.

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, the heart-healthy kind. Yet scientists are now more interested in the active compounds in avocados that might help prevent cancer. One study found that those compounds can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory. While conducting the study, these researchers found avocados are loaded with a variety of antioxidants, including familiar disease-fighting compounds such as lutein, beta-carotene, and vitamin E.

Another benefit is that avocados help the body absorb phytochemicals from other foods. Researchers from Ohio State University reported that pairing avocados with salsa or salad allows for better absorption of antioxidants in those foods. The lycopene in tomatoes or the beta-carotene in carrots may be better absorbed if there's a slice or two of avocado in the bowl. Scientists suspect that the fat content of avocados helps the body absorb these antioxidants. (Callahan "5 Foods That Should Have a Place in Your Diet"

This is a perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.

Adapted from Rachael Ray
Serves 1

1 egg, beaten with a splash of water
1/4 avocado
1 slice whole wheat bread

Heat a small nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add a little oil to pan. Add  the beaten egg; season with salt and pepper and scramble. I like to scramble my eggs with a rubber spatula. I pull the edge of the egg towards the middle of the pan (from all sides of the pan) and let the runny uncooked egg roll into the area you just pulled egg away from. Continue to cook the egg by repeating the process of pulling the egg to the center of pan until done.

In a small bowl, mash the avocado with a fork and season with salt and pepper (add a little Tabasco if you like heat) and spread on toast. Top with the scrambled egg.

49 comments: said...

Pretty, pretty...I think this was a great idea....

GrannyWag said...

It's also good with a hard boiled egg

Anonymous said...

How do you keep the rest of the avocado fresh to use the next day?

Anonymous said...

You can buy a plastic container specially for avocados.

Anonymous said...

do not add anything to the smashed avocado when you put into plastic container and add the avocado seed; it will keep the rest of the avocado fresh :)

Anonymous said...

You can also freeze avocado. I smash it up in a bowl, add a tbsp. of lemon or lime, mix, put in a freezer bag, smash the bag flat and freeze. Then when you want some avocado, just break off however much you need.

Anonymous said...

Its actually a myth that the avocado seed keeps it fresh (I used to do that too but the barefoot Contessa herself debunked that - only area seed touches stays green!). You just have to keep as much oxygen around it as possible. Usually will really only last another day!

Emily Borella said...

Pepper can stop the oxidising process and keep it fresh for a day or 2. Just keep it an airtight container in the fridge

Anonymous said...

Aluminum foil! I accidentally discovered this at our restaurant. It will stay green for a long time wrapped tightly in foil!

Susan said...

cover the top of the avocado with a thin layer of butter and that will protect it from turning brown.

Anonymous said...

Open faced on an english muffin with a teaspoon of salsa was great, too.

klawdya said...

Looks great and I love the info about the nutritional value of eggs. But a non-stick skillet? Throw that away to keep the toxins out of you.

À LA GRAHAM said...

I know klawdya! :) I admit I keep it around for my eggs only. I have such a hard time making eggs without it. Do you have any special tips?

Kamala Parthiban said...

I think it will work out.lets c

Anonymous said...

I "scramble" eggs in the microwave, just zapp them a bit at a time & stir. Or just put in a small glass bowl & break the yolk & cover- 30% power for 2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

If you cook them in a non-nonstick pan of any kind, put in just enough natural butter to coat the bottom (and maybe a little bit up the rim/corner with picking it up and 'rolling' it). Then when you pour in your beaten egg & water mixture, pour it in the middle of the butter in only one spot right in the middle of the pan---don't pour it all around. Then let it sit for about 30 seconds, then start to scramble them. I know it's an ol' wives tale and it doesn't completely eliminate it all, but it really really does help!

Anonymous said...

enamel coated iron skillet AWESOME and clean up is a breeze.

Anonymous said...

I "poach" my eggs by putting them into a small cup/mug, with a splash of water and a pinch of salt. I cover it with plastic wrap and microwave it for 1 1/2 min (30 sec intervals)When it's done I drop some butter on top (I LOVE me some butter)and a dash pepper and smash it up in the cup. I eat it straight up this way, but it could be done like this for this recipe.

Anonymous said...

A cast iron pan :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't put plastic in the microwave!

Anonymous said...

I put mine in a food saver bag and suck the air out with my foodsaver machine. Works great, I eat it before it has a chance to brown.

Liz said...

In the restaurant trade we use lemon juice to keep avocado from browning

Anonymous said...

This recipe is in Bob Harpers cookbook. Uses boiled egg whites and Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, capers, shallots, lots of yummy stuff! I love it!

Victoria Valentine said...

You should not cook anything in the microwave - why eat healthy stuff if you are going to ruin it by microwaving it. I have one and the only reason I do is my 80 year old sister uses it to warm up her coffee when she visits. I have it only for her for that purpose and the rest of the time it is used as a bread box for fresh baked bead. I bought the smallest one I could find - I never use it for anything else

Lilbama said...

Sounds Great, Maybe a piece of Canadian Bacon on a buttered English Muffin with the egg and avacado on top.

Or a twist on Eggs Benedict, Poached egg, english muffin, Canadian Bacon and sliced warm Avocado with a Hollindiase sauce drizzeled on top, maybe a little smoked gouda or smoked swiss to top it off. YUM!

Jennifer Somera said...

I've used the empty half of the shell to cover the other half. It keeps the flesh green.

Anonymous said...

I make my eggs in a combo plastic an Styrofoam container. Works great!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Press and Seal. Works great !! Leave the pit in and push as much air out as possible. Wrap the plastic around tight. I've kept the other halves for 2-3 days.

MemphisMarly said...

Keep the pit with the uneaten half until you're ready to use it.

MemphisMarly said...

Throw a little butter in the pan and give it just enough time to melt. Swirl it around so that it costs the bottom of the pan.

Cassie Gordon said...

if you submerge the avocado in water it keeps it from browning for days.

Jana Olson said...

we changed our skillets to Swiss Diamond. not perfect, but much much better than teflon. you just have to be careful how you wash them.

Ann Welker said...

I make this exact recipe for breakfast nearly every day. I do "butter" the toast with a little coconut oil and sometimes top the whole thing off with some fresno chili sauce. Here is the recipe for the delicious chili sauce.

Anonymous said...

I've made this several times topping with a fried egg seasoned with chilies, green onion, a bit of sea salt and cracked pepper. So quick and easy, tasty and a great way to incorporate avocado into my diet.

Becky Bromley-Trujillo said...

You can also put lemon or lime juice on the avocado, which prevents it from browning for quite a while. I add lemon pepper to my avocado toast for some zing.

Anonymous said...

Storing a cut avocado with a cut onion will help slow the oxidation process. The onion contains the same acids.

Anonymous said...

I use aluminum foil to put away my avacado. Keep skin on. And put it in refrigerator. A week later mine was still green.

Anonymous said...

OMG, genius!

Anonymous said...

Non-stick only has the potential to be toxic if it is used in high heat or begins to chip due to neglect

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