I am using up the last of my thyme on this recipe...sorry to see it go but it makes it that much more fun in the spring to replant and start over again. I am not sure what to do with my large rosemary plant, it is still going strong. I have read that you can freeze the rosemary leaves but I am not sure...I am going to have to research that one.

Red Potatoes and Thyme
Adapted from Rachael Ray
Serves 6

2 pounds small red skin potatoes, quartered
1 tablespoon, extra-virgin olive oil, 1 turn of the pan
2 tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper
2 tablespoons, 5 or 6 sprigs, fresh thyme, leaves stripped and chopped

In a deep, medium skillet, bring water to a boil. Add quartered potatoes and simmer 12 minutes, until fork tender. Drain potatoes in a colander set over a pot.

Return the pan you cooked the potatoes in to heat over medium high. Add extra-virgin olive oil and butter.

When butter melts add potatoes. Season potatoes with salt, pepper and chopped thyme.

Coat and brown the potatoes, turning only occasionally, 7 or 8 minutes.



Just Cake girl said...

they look so yummy :)))

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like fresh herbs on potatoes especially the new potatoes like yours. You call them red, we call them new. I have a few of these on my blog...Thanks...I think I will make them for my dinner party on Saturday.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

I love red potatoes and those herbs really add a nice touch and delicious flavor.

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