We opened a restaurant 2 weeks ago...

I have been really busy with it, so its nice to finally have a little time to give to my blog. One of the best parts has been sampling our chefs' fabulous creations off the menu, it is fantastic to just sit and eat and eat and eat! It is even more fantastic to watch them cook and see the masterpieces that emerge from the kitchen.

A little about the restaurant (only because a few of you have asked). I am working on the write up for the website and this is what I have so far...
upscale bar and restaurant situated in beautiful historic downtown. The walls are century old quartzite and brick, funky & energetic ambiance, tempting & flavorful dishes, innovative cocktails & an extensive wine & beer list.

The decor unabashedly integrates masculine & feminine; wild west meets gypsy...from the cowhide paneled bar & reclaimed wood tables to the hand painted and jeweled wallpaper and Moroccan detail is left untouched. The same holds true for the food; from your prime cut of steak to the wild-caught salmon, every element is carefully considered.

The natural stone bar top is beautiful Sioux Quartzite. See if you can find a few perfectly round white circles known as "moons" on the pink stone. Some believe these "moons" are where spirits have touched the stone and left their mark; chemically the "moons" are the result of ancient radioactive flecks that were trapped in the formation of the rocks over 1.2 billion years ago.

The bar foot rest is an old iron railroad track. It took a 10,000 pound jack to create the arch and anchor to the floor. Beautiful antique columns from India are around the back bar and cow hides line the front of the bar and the top of the back bar.

The history....
The location of one of the first butchers downtown, Louis Bauch, Bauch's Meats, 1896. If you look closely you will see the wood beams throughout the quartzite walls used as scaffolding when building the massive walls. Louis Bauch's son and son-in-law's names are signed and dated "May 1936" on the back of the bar under the first shelf of wine glasses. Behind the second shelf of wine glasses there is an original piece of cork from the butcher's cork lined cooler.

Black soot runs up the mens' bathroom brick wall from where the meat was smoked, the blood trough still runs along the north cellar wall and a rusty old nail hangs in the quartzite wall under one of the large gilded mirrors. When restoring the building to its original beauty Louis Bauch's meat cleaver was discovered, hidden neatly away for almost a century, it is displayed in a special spot in our restaurant today.

So after all that, you can see why I have not posted many recipes...majority of my cooking has involved a microwave or a blender. So sorry this is hardly a recipe but it is quick and good...and it is a Marcella Hazan recipe so who can complain?!

Frullati - Fresh Fruit Whips
Adapted from The Classic Italian Cookbook by Marcella Hazan
Makes 2 servings

Marcella writes, "frullati could be described as an adult milkshake laced with just enough liquor to make it not merely refreshing, but interesting as well. In summer, in Italy, it is something that one orders at an espresso bar, but there is no reason that one shouldn't have it at home and enjoy at any time of day."

Suggested fruits are banana, strawberry, peach, raspberry, melon and apricot. Other suggestions: kiwi, pineapple, mango, papaya or any combination of fruit you have on hand.

About 1 cup cut-up fresh fruit (one banana, fresh peaches, strawberries, or raspberries)
2/3 cup milk
1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
3 Tablespoons crushed ice
2 Tablespoons Maraschino liquor (optional)

Note: Maraschino liquor is made from Marasca cherries. It has a slight cherry, honey and almond taste. Not to be confused with Maraschino cherry juice which is much sweeter...but hey, that would probably taste good too! Also this smoothie is just as delicious without liquor.

Combine all the ingredients in a blender (I cheated and added frozen raspberries too...can't wait to use fresh in a few months!)

and whip at high speed until blended. Pour into a tall glass and serve immediately.

Me on opening night...



Manu said...

Oh I love frullati, so good in summer!!LOL

Kim said...

I'm so excited for you opening a restaurant! That's fantastic! It looks gorgeous, and so do you by the way:) Best of luck with in your new endeavor!

The frullati looks terrific. Just the kind of thing I would love.

Take care.

Renata said...

Congratulations on your new restaurant, I wish you a lot of success! I'm very happy for you!
Frulatti is new to me, but I already want to try it, sounds amazing and looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

You look fab on opening night, share more! I want to learn about this place of yours.

À LA GRAHAM said...

Thanks so much girls! I added a little more about the restaurant in the post.

Stacy said...

The new restaurant looks fab! Can't wait to check it out one of these days. Love heading downtown to dine!


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