I was invited to my new friends' colony for a goose dinner. I have never had goose, so was excited to try it and especially excited to learn all about how their colony is so self sufficient. We started out the meal with a glass of strawberry wine, a short prayer in English (for our sake) followed by the German prayer. The soup was a goose stock with small pasta, followed by a cucumber salad, sauerkraut, new potatoes, fresh buns and of course the goose, which was really delicious. For dessert, "blizzards", homemade ice cream with crushed peanuts and chocolate. While we were finishing dessert and coffee my daughter went to go play outside with the other children. With an obvious language barrier it was fascinating to see how they were able to quickly communicate; a game of tag was easily understood and they were off. Now you need to realize that earlier in the day my daughter came running out of her room wearing shorts, sparkles, glitter, spaghetti straps...not exactly conservative, so I made her go back into her room and change into jeans, cowgirl boots, and a t-shirt. The entire morning she was begging for me to cut off her jeans into shorts, which I refused. On my second cup of coffee I peeked outside and saw a group of kids running crazy...Hutterite boys in black pants and buttoned up shirts and suspenders, girls in long floor length dresses with white blouses underneath and then I saw my daughter...who was still wearing her cowgirl boots, thank goodness, but had managed to yank her jeans up as high as she could into short shorts and tied her shirt way up, it was pretty cute.
Next we went on a tour...the school, church, kitchen, dining hall, food storing, canning, butchering room and laundry. She showed me how they use the lard to make soap. The best part was going into the basement of the kitchen and seeing all the canning. It was so beautiful...they opened the door and there on the shelves were 100's of masons jars filled with every color of the rainbow.
They loaded me up with new things to try like pickled watermelon and pickled vine peaches, strawberry wine and even two goose down filled pillows. I have never seen a plucker before and honestly would be ok if I never do again! They also sent me home with watermelons so we decided to make it into something fun...a cake!
Watermelon "Cake"- Clean Eating
Adapted from Martha Stewart
The watermelon...
Slice a section out of the middle of the melon...

 Slice into pieces...

Use a melon baller on the end sections of the watermelon...
  Add to the top of the "cake"
Time to get messy...
 We probably could have made two "cakes" with this watermelon....
  A perfect piece...
Buddy loves watermelon!

4 comments: said...

I am happy with watermelon any day. Loved the post and your daughter is lovely. Never saw a dog eating watermelon...LOL

Kim said...

First of all, that picture of your dog eating watermelon is cracking me up for sure. LOL! Too cute.

That is the healthiest most delicious looking cake ever. Love the idea!

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